STEP FOUR: Collecting Photos From Other People

Since your Activity photos will make up the majority of your yearbook page content, you'll want to gather as many different photos as you can. The place you don't want to gather them is in your email inbox.

Image Share allows you to turn on and turn off collection dates, limits uploads to the people you allow, and requires them to tag or label their images. You won't have to worry about image compression through email and your personal inbox won't be overflowing.  We've created instruction for you AND specifically for those people who will receive your Image Share invite.

School Annual offers a great service called ReplayIt. Using ReplayIt lets parents, staff and students upload pictures for use in your yearbook. The images will be viewable from your ReplayIt site as well, allowing parents to view them. All photos that are submitted through ReplayIt are content approved by the ReplayIt team, this means you won't have to worry about inappropriate pictures appearing on your site. Uploading through ReplayIt allows you to view a time capsule of all of your yearbook photos submitted throughout the years, all in one place.

Learn more about photo collecting and the Image Share and ReplayIt features using these links: 

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