Choosing a standard cover is easy. 

Just head over to and click Yearbooks, then Themes & Covers.

The Yearbook guide included in your kit also contains a Covers Tab showcasing various cover choices.

Standard cover choices are included in the price of your book. To choose a standard design, simply make your cover choice and email your rep (or create a support ticket - we'll pass it along) with your job number, your cover choice number, any special wording, and your foil color choice.




If you want to create your own cover, you have several options:

  • You can do this with Original Artwork - just send us the hard copy artwork in a stay flat mailer, indicate your job number and "cover" on the outside of the package, and provide your rep with any special instructions (like which is front and back)
  • Use a software package such as Adobe Photoshop, InDesign, Microsoft Publisher, etc.  Get your cover template files below.
  • Or if you want to make it really easy and you're using School Annual Online -  use the Practice Pages feature and you can create your front and back cover directly in School Annual Online.  Seriously - this is such a cool choice because your backgrounds can coordinate with your cover!  Click File > New Practice Pages.  Design away.  When you're done, save your page as a practice page.  Let your rep know you saved your cover on practice pages and they can go pull them from your site. 


Call our office 800-436-6030 to speak to your rep (or any of our reps), or you can open a ticket and provide us with your job number and information.  We'll make sure your rep is notified.

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