You're ready to submit your pages. You've double and triple checked spelling, student names, etc. You head to your Page Ladder one last time and click SUBMIT.

That Page Status Change box pops up...and you make this face...

We know...we submit pages too...and we make this face.


Here are some tips:

  • Read the Page Status Change message. This tells you exactly what happened on the page: text, image, etc.
  • When you edit that page, watch for the Orange Ball Handles around any object - this is PROBABLY the object with the issue. For instance, text may not fit in the box or there is an image box with no image in it.
  • Use your Incomplete Elements button on your Designer menu. (it's the triangle with the exclamation point inside) Edit or remove any Incomplete Elements.


A text element remains unedited

Yep we've looked at a page and thought "there is text in every box!" Let's identify the culprit.

Did you use one of our Templates that has brackets or asterisks, such as [ pre-k ], [ headlines ], etc? Those " [ " are actually text and that needs to be edited in order to submit.

Here's how to fix it:

  • Click the Incomplete Elements icon
  • Identify the box that displays "unedited" nearby - it should also be highlighted in Orange
  • For each unedited box, place your cursor at the end of the line of text
  • Edit the text box by adding, and then removing a space..GENIUS!!
  • Save the page
  • Rinse / Repeat


I can't find the text element that needs to be edited

Click the Incomplete Elements icon to identify the box. If you see the orange highlight but still can't "find" the box, use your Arrangement tool in the FORMAT button to BRING TO FRONT while the orange is still visible. Keep clicking until that box is on top.

As always, if you're just plain stumped (and it's happened to all of us), give us a call or submit a Support Ticket - we'll be glad to help you.


We need:

  • your job number
  • the page number(s) giving the errors

We're going to submit those pages for you, so let us know if we shouldn't.

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