1. What is an Index File?

It's a file School Annual Publishing uses in conjunction with your portraits that allows you to use the Portrait Flow tool. The index file is like a map of your students. It matches the student images with the correct student name, grade, homeroom, etc.


2. How do I know if I have one?

If you used a PSPA Photographer, then your portrait disc already contains an index file. It will be listed in the data on the CD as "index.txt".

If your photographer is not a "PSPA" photographer, they may provide a CD of pictures, but those pictures do not have that mapping.


Don't panic!! If you have a few students (less than 100), it's VERY SIMPLE (and probably quicker) to name your students in the Coverage Report and/or Image Library.


3. I have a lot of students and no index.txt file!

Create your own!!

Did you have one of those creative parents with a really cool camera? Then let's create the index file - if you're handy with a spreadsheet application, it's pretty easy.

In a new spreadsheet on row 1, make a column for each: Image Name, Last Name, First Name, Teacher, Grade, Folder.

Starting on row 2, type the image name exactly as it is shown on your computer, including the .JPG or .TIF extension. It's okay if the image comes from your camera with an odd name such as "IMG0001.JPG" - as long as you know who is in each picture. For each image name, you'll type the student's information in each column.

If your images are separated into different folders, such as Grade 1, Grade 2, etc, those Folder names should be listed in the Folder column. If all of your images are in one big "lump", then you won't need a Folder name.


If you happen to have two teachers with the same last name, simply type their first name initial after their names, such as "SMITH B" AND "SMITH M". Do not use parenthesis. For instance, if you have Kindergarten AM and Kindergarten PM, those labels are fine. Kindergarten(AM) will be ignored by the upload software and you'll be missing a class.


Here, the photographer used the student's name as the image name.


When all the student names have been entered, save the file as a "tab delimited text file" and name it INDEX.TXT. If you're creating a CD which includes your portraits, include this index.txt file on the disc as well.

(If you're using "Numbers" on a Mac, use Share > Export > Excel and it creates a file that a Windows user can open in Excel.)



Tip: Remember to "close" your CD when you are finished with the burn. It is a good idea to "test" your image CD in another computer (if available) to make sure you can see the images.


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