Fonts Fonts Fonts...we talk about all the great fonts we have available, but when you log into your Page Designer, there's only two to choose from when you add a text box.  What's up with that?

We let you decide which ones to use...Here's how to select them from your Plan menu or within Page Designer.

See the PDF link at the bottom of this article to view all of our fonts at once or share with your staff.


To select a font from your Plan menu:

  • click Fonts
  • from the dropdown menu, select the Font Category
  • choose from the Available Fonts list

Fonts will display in the Font Preview window.


 To select a font from your Page Designer:

  • click Create, Page Designer, Format button
  • select a Text box or place a new Text box
  • in the Formatting panel, click Add Fonts button
  • choose from the Available Fonts list on the left side of the panel, then click the arrow.  This moves the font to the right side where your selections are listed.



To deselect a font:

  • on your Plan menu, click Fonts
  • pick the font from Your Available Fonts that you no longer wish to use
  • click delete

This only removes the font from your available fonts - you can add it back at any time and it remains in the master list.  If you've already used that font on your pages, it will NOT change that text piece in Page Designer.  You must make that change on your page.


User tips:

  • use a maximum of 5-10 fonts so there is consistency in your book
  • create a "style sheet" for your book, showing what fonts to use for Headlines, Body Text, Call Outs, etc.  The easiest way to do this is by creating a page and labeling the font types
  • go one step further and create a Click N Go using your font selection - now add font size, color, drop shadow, and other effects.  Now you can drop that on your page anytime you want that particular style
  • you cannot upload your own fonts - but if you really have a hankering for a special one, create your headline or such in the program which uses the font, then save that clip as a high resolution (300 ppi) JPG or transparent TIF.  You can upload it just like you would any other image.


Need an accent mark or tilda character?

You can use Alternate Characters or "Alt Chars" with your standard keyboard providing you have a number keypad available.  We like this website because it includes detailed instructions:

These are also included in the PDF link at the bottom of this article.

You may see in Print Preview that a small space will show after the accented character.  It will not print with the space, it's just that Adobe Reader doesn't quite know how to render that on screen




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