jQuery UI Dialog - Animation

WHAT: IO_Error (Error 2032)

WHY: This error is most commonly seen when trying to save a page or when uploading images.  In generic computer terms, "IO" means input/output, but basically, your input (page or photo) isn't outputting (sending to our server).

Wireless connections, slow internet from your provider, or having other people on your network can lead to spotty connectivity.  If you know you'll be uploading a lot of pictures, or you're working with pages full of images, you may want to plug into your router directly.

They say the best defense is a good offense - and you've probably heard this before with computers: SAVE SAVE SAVE - If you've seen your HISTORY button, you know we keep everything. So the more you save, the more you have to go back to.

HOW TO FIX:  While it's difficult to prevent, because you just don't know when it will occur (all connections drop occasionally), here are the things to try after the fact so you can attempt to preserve any work:

  1. Open a second browser window and log in to School Annual Online. This will reconnect a session if your internet connection is active. Now hop back over to the first window where the error was.   Click Save. No error? Then check your HISTORY button to see if your page is current there.  Still seeing an error...
  2. If you try to save and an error pops up, close out of the error. Then go to File > Save As Template. You can use the page number you're on as the name, for instance, "Page 16 error". If you can Save it as a template, you can close your session, log back in and then pull the template over as the page. Now save. That should make your page current.  Still seeing an error...
  3. This one is not optimal, but it has saved many a designer a million times. Take a screen capture after you clear the error. While it won't save any of your work, it will give you a piece-by-piece picture to copy from as you construct the page. For instance, love the stroke around the image, but can't remember if you last used blue or purple. Was it rotated or straight on? That will be captured on your image. CTRL + PRNT SCRN (or sometimes Print Screen on the keyboard) will snap that and you can simply paste it on a new Word document as a picture.  You can redo your design based on the print screen.
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