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You've been happily cruising your Image Library or your Page Designer and today, you go to log in...

GAAAHHH, no Library...or no Designer.  What happened?

Well first, reboot your computer.   So many things are fixed just by rebooting.  That grabs a new IP address from your Internet Provider, it resets your connection to your router or modem, and it flushes the whole system of "gunk".

If you're in a school, your network folks are always hard at working keeping you, your students, and your school information safe from the outside world.  Sometimes TOO safe, but there's help.

Your network may just need to know that it's fine and dandy to go visit School Annual Online, even though you've been there a dozen times.  But it's not just our site - your Image Library and Page Designer make use of some other tools outside of our "domain" and network / firewall software can block that.

You'll need to have your IT folks "whitelist" the following sites:





We also recommend that you have a secondary browser on your computer, just so you can test whether your browser is causing the issue, your system is causing the issue, or whether it's somewhere between you and us.


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