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Plan > ReplayIt

ReplayIt is a service that allows for parents to upload their own photos. ReplayIt offers a mobile app for easy upload of images. Learn how to download the ReplayIt app.

  • Fill out the information on the Plan > ReplayIt page to setup your replayIt site.

    • You can require a password, choose your schools color and upload your schools logo.
  • Check the boxes if you'd like to allow photos from facebook or allow people to upload ads.



  • ReplayIt Private Photo Submission: Create an Image Share site, setting up an image share site generates a link to give to parents so they can upload photos. These photos appear in the Inbox ReplayIt folder of the Image Library.

    • A sample email is generated on this page including the link to the site and directions for parents. Send this out to parents so they know how to upload their own photos!
  • ReplayIt Mobile App Notifications: This will send out a notification to all users who have downloaded your replayIt mobile app. This can be useful to remind parents of deadlines or other photo requirements.

  • ReplayIt Video Upload Tool: This links to the page where you can upload videos to your replayIt site. You can add a link in your yearbook that parents can visit to watch these videos.


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