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A feature of School Annual Online that is not widely known is the ability to add special characters or symbols to your yearbook. Below are the symbols available to use in your yearbook.

Add Symbols by:

  • Copying the symbol from this page and pasting it into your yearbook.
  • Copy the Unicode numbers into a Word or Notepad document, highlight the Unicode, and press alt + x (alt key and the x key). This will transform the code into the symbol allowing you to copy it to your yearbook.

Many of the Alt-Code symbols work as well, but not all of them. Here is a reference for Alt-Code symbols.



Symbol Symbol Name Unicode
 ¢ Cent 00A2
 £ British Pound 00A3
 ¤ Currency  00A4
 ¥ Yen 00A5
 ¦ Broken Bar 00A6
 § Section 00A7
 ¨ Umlaut 00A8
 © Copyright 00A9
 ª Super Script A  00AA
 « Left Double Arrow 00AB
 ¬ Not 00AC
 ® Reserved 00AE
 ¯ Macron 00AF
 ° Degree 00B0
 ± Plus Minus 00B1
 ² Super Script 2 00B2
 ³ Super Script 3 00B3
 ´ Accent 00B4
 µ Micro 00B5
 ¶ Pilcrow 00B6
 · Bullet Point 00B7
 ¸ Cedilla 00B8
 ¹ Super Script 1 00B9
 º Super Script 0 00BA
 » Right Double Arrow 00BB
 ¼ Quarter Fraction 00BC
 ½ One Half Fraction 00BD
 ¾ Three Quarter Fraction 00BE
 ¿ Inverted Question mark 00BF
 À A with Grave 00C0
 Á A with Acute 00C1
 Â A with Circumflex 00C2
 Ã A with Tilde 00C3
 Ä A with Umlaut 00C4
 Å A with Ring 00C5
 Æ AE 00C6
 Ç C with Cedilla 00C7
 È E with Grave 00C8
 É E with Acute 00C9
 Ê E with Circumflex 00CA
 Ë E with Umlaut 00CB
 Ì I with Grave 00CC
 Í I with Acute 00CD
 Î I with Circumflex 00CE
 Ï I with Umlaut 00CF
 Ð Latin D 00D0
 Ñ N with Tilde 00D1
 Ò O with Grave 00D2
 Ó O with Acute 00D3
 Ô O with circumflex 00D4
 Õ O with Tilde 00D5
 Ö O with Umlaut 00D6
 × Multiplication  00D7
 Ø O with Stroke 00D8
 Ù U with Grave 00D9
 Ú U with Acute 00DA
 Û U with Circumflex 00DB
 Ü U with Umlaut 00DC
 Ý Y with Acute 00DD
 Þ Latin P 00DE
 ß Latin B 00DF
 à a with Grave 00E0
 á a with Acute 00E1
 â a with Circumflex 00E2
 ã a with Tilde 00E3
 ä a with Umlaut 00E4
 å a with Ring 00E5
 æ ae 00E6
 ç c with Cedilla 00E7
 è e with Grave 00E8
 é e with Acute 00E9
 ê e with Circumflex 00EA
 ë e with Umlaut 00EB
 ì i with Grave 00EC
 í i with Acute 00ED
 î i with Circumflex 00EE
 ï i with Umlaut 00EF
 ð Latin d 00F0
 ñ n with Tilde 00F1
 ò o with Grave 00F2
 ó o with Acute 00F3
 ô o with Circumflex 00F4
 õ o with Tilde 00F5
 ö o with Umlaut 00F6
 ÷ Division 00F7
 ø o with Stroke 00F8
 ù u with Grave 00F9
 ú u with Acute 00FA
 û u with Circumflex 00FB
 ü u with Umlaut 00FC
 ý y with Acute 00FD
 þ Latin p 00FE
 ÿ y with Umlaut 00FF













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