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Panel Pages is a location where you can easily add portrait layouts to your yearbook. Panel Pages can be found in the Create tab on the School Annual Online Homepage. 

Before you flow your portraits using the panel page there are few things you must have first.

You Must:

  • Have submitted to us your portraits with an index.txt file labeling students and staff.
  • Tagged any portrait photo not submitted to us with the correct name and photo type.


If one or both of those steps have been completed you are all set to create a portrait layout using the Panel Pages!


Flowing Portraits using the Panel Page

  • The first step in using the automatic portrait flow tool is to select the page you want to start the flow on.

    • You can open the Pages tab and select the page or enter the page number in the "Start on page" box.

  • Once your page has been selected take a look at the settings in the Builder tab. These Settings include.

    • Image Category containing the portraits you would like to flow.
    • The Portrait Size appearing on the page
    • The number of pages you would like the portraits to occupy
      • Maximum of 20 portraits per page. 
    • Portrait Shape
    • Border Width
    • Name Format
    • Name Location
    • Font
    • Column and Row Spacing
    • Margins
  • Once you have the options picked out that you would like to you, press the "Preview" button to view how your layouts will look on the page.

    • You can preview your portrait layout as many times as you want before you save it, so experiment!

  • Once you are happy with the format of your portraits, click save to start the flow!

    • You can always delete the portrait layout in Page Designer and start again.


My preview doesn't look like I want it to!

One of the main issues when using the panel page is that the preview doesn't quite match to what you want.

Some things to check:

  • Make sure that you have the 'Name Location' set right. For many layouts you will want this to be set to Bottom. If this is set incorrectly, the preview will not look right

  • Are your portraits not the right size? Make sure you have the 'Number Of Pages' box empty. If you have 2 or more pages specified in this box it defaults to the largest portrait size. 

  • Remember, you can always go back and delete the page in page designer, so don't be afraid to try out different options!


If you have any other issues using portrait flow on the Panel Page, feel free to call us or submit a Support Request!




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