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Setting Up

Before you start creating your yearbook you will want to make sure you have everything set up and in place to make the process go smoothly.  While setting up your book, please take this time to go through the program and the How To Yearbook Guide.  There are a lot of design options, artwork, fonts, and templates that can help make your book stand out from the others.  We highly encourage you to take this time to try things and experiment with different options.  


Select your Committee Members / HelpersAfter getting your helpers set up, we subject allowing them to get familiar with the program.  It may help to assign someone to assist with taking and collecting activities and classroom pictures.  You can assign someone to submit the portrait/photographer cd for us to upload the pictures and names. While the staff/helpers are familiarizing themselves with the program, take this time to assign staff members to different pages.  We suggest giving the staff/helpers soft/hard due dates for their pages.  this will help keep them on track and insure pages are getting done in a timely manner.  It is a good idea to utilize the practice pages before they get started on their assigned pages.  


Do not have Committee Members / Helpers - Start by taking so time to set up your photo submission (Replayit).  Set a date to have school portraits done and submitted to us for upload.  Take this time to look over the program and set up descriptions of pages on the Page Ladder.  Figure out the Theme and flow of your book.  Set up soft and hard due dates for sections of your book.  This can help focus your attention on only a small section of your book at a time.  

   You do not have to jump in and get started creating right away.  Take some time to look over the program.  There are a lot of Templates, Artwork, Fonts, and Backgrounds to look at.  You can practice designing pages, so take this time to experiment with different ideas.  


Considered Book Fairy? - Book Fairy is a program where we create your yearbook for you! If you don't have the time to create your yearbook yourself, this is a great time-saving alternative. 

  • You choose the theme or templates that fit your needs.
  • Collect photos from parents through our Image Share.
  • We organize your content into pages and set up the photographs from your collection.
  • You will proof and approve the book we create for you and add any finishing touches.
  • Learn More Here!

Easy Work ProgramAre you finding yourself short on time this year or stretched thin? Sign up for the Easy Work program and choose from one of many yearbook themes. We will import the theme for you and the yearbook page templates. All you need to do is drag and drop the images in!  

  • Contact your Yearbook Rep to signup and view the theme options!


Order and Create Sales Supplies to Assist with Sales

Go to: School Annual Kit Supplies

You'll need to create an account, but all supplies are free and included with your order.


Log in to School Annual Online - Login to School Annual Online by going to www.schoolannualonline.com. Your Account Rep will have given you a default username and password to log in with. Your default username should be "Adviser". Click on the "Forgot your Password?" link to recover your password if you forget.


Setup Staff Member Logins - You can assign as many staff members as you wish.  You can also Inactivate staff members once they are done with their pages.  

  • You can change your login and set up new staff logins from the staff page.
    • Click on the "Plan" tab then choose "Staff".
    • Click "Add Staff" to create more logins. Or Choose "edit" to edit an existing login.
    • Don't forget to save your changes!
    • Watch the Video PlayIcon.gif 


Assign Staff to Yearbook Pages - You can assign your yearbook staff to specific yearbook pages.

  • Log in to School Annual Online as an Adviser
  • Click the "Plan" tab and open the "Page Ladder" page.
  • Click the 'staff' dropdown next to a page and assign a staff member.
  • Remember to save your changes by clicking the "Save All" button.
  • Watch the Video PlayIcon.gif
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