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STEP TWO: Using School Annual Online

Using our online yearbook creation software may seem complicated at first, but with a few minutes of practice and experimentation you'll be using it like a pro! Click on the links below to visit our Help Center section for each page.


Watch our Getting Started Video! PlayIcon.gif


School Annual Online Website Tab Layout:






> Overview

Page Ladder

> Page Designer



> Virtual Book

> Image Library

Yearbook Sales


> Fonts

> Panel Pages

Ad Sales


> ReplayIt

Move Pages


> Staff

> Index Flow


> Coverage Report




Loading Content from Last Year


Select your Fonts 

  • Before you begin adding pages to your yearbook check out all the different fonts we have available. You can add as many fonts as you want! Fonts can be found on the Plan > Fonts page!

  • Using Fonts

  • Adding Fonts PlayIcon.gif
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