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Collecting Photos From Other People

  Since your Activity photos will make up the majority of your yearbook page content, you'll want to gather as many different photos as you can. The place you don't want to gather them is in your email inbox.

ReplayIt Image Share

  Image Share is a private photo submission tool that allows parents to upload images for you to use on your yearbook. You can turn on and turn off collection dates, limit uploads to the people you allow, and requires them to tag or label their images. You won't have to worry about image compression through email and your inbox won't be overflowing. This solution works great if you want your images to be private. If not, try using the ReplayIt feature, located in the next section.


Accepted Photo Formats

  Our system only accepts photos saved as JPG/JPEG, PNG, TIFF, or HEIC.  Large photos over 10,000 pixels will have to be reduced before you upload.  When uploading multiple large images, try uploading a few at a time.  Uploading too many large images runs a chance of slowing down or timing out.  

  • There is some free photo editing software you can use to help lower the file size.
  • Be careful of screenshot images
    • These images are sometimes low resolution and low image size
    • The system is designed to stop images from being stretched past their intended size.
      • This will stop images from becoming blurry
      • This will stop images from becoming distorted


.HEIC Images

    If for any reason you happen to experience any issues with uploading HEIC photos, see below for how to convert these images to another format.  


       Tips on .HEIC Photos

  • There are some sites that will convert images for free.


  You cannot upload PDFs as images.  These will have to be converted.


   You can go to Adobe's website and use their PDF to JPG converter.


PDF Canverter


Adobe Acrobat DC

  If you have Acrobat DC you can convert a PDF to a JPG, PNG, or TIFF.

  • File > Export To > Image > (JPEG, TIFF, or PNG)


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