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Creating Page Layouts

Your yearbook page layouts are what make your yearbook unique. You can design each page from scratch or use any of our predesigned templates to make your yearbook look special. 


Pre-designed Layouts

There are several different types of page layouts you will want to include in your yearbook. Some of the predesigned page layouts we offer include candid, club and organization, sports, portrait, advertising, and recognition. All of these can be found in the Designs tab of Page Designer (Create > Page Designer). Experiment with different layouts to find which ones you like. Once you find one you want to use you can save it as a template (File > Save as Template) for use on other pages of your book. You can make edits to our predesigned layouts to custom tailor them to fit your yearbook.


Create your Layout

Creating your own page layout lets you bring your yearbook vision to life. We give you the tools to design a layout to fit any event or theme. You can save your designs as templates to use throughout your yearbook, and even use templates from your book from last year. It's important to have a good understanding of the tools at your disposal. Take some time to look over the Page Designer Overview to see some of the different features. Don't forget that you can edit any of our predesigned layouts to fit your yearbook as well. The colors, shapes, fonts, and style are all up to you!


Here are some resources to help you create your yearbook page layouts. Check out our 'Creating a Yearbook Page' video to see just how easy it can be!

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