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STEP FIVE: Getting Your Photos Ready

Image Library (Create Tab > Image Library) is the main tool for managing all your images. Let's focus first on collecting and sorting your Activity images and Portrait images. These will make up the majority of your yearbook content. It helps to create image folders that organize the same way you work.

You may find that creating folders which are named the same as your Page Ladder content makes it easy for you and any helpers you have to quickly organize the images you receive. If you're in a small school, you may find that a folder for each child is the better way to go.

You'll learn the best way to label and send the printed photographs you receive, upload and download your digital images, and also how to delete images you know you won't need.

What are Activity Images?

  • Images used throughout your yearbook depicting students and staff doing activities (Any image besides head shots)





What are Portrait Images?

  • These are the head shots taken of each student and staff member, usually professionally done.




  • If you receive a portrait CD from a photographer we can upload your portrait images for you!
  • We offer a fast and easy way to add portrait photos to your yearbook called Portrait Flow. This can only be used if you have us upload your portraits for you or you manually tag them all yourself.

Learn how to send us Portrait Photos and use the Portrait Flow tool:

Image Tagging

  • The image library can be used to tag images. You can tag students, staff or keywords.


REMEMBER you can submit your photos to us to upload using schoolannual.wetransfer.com!



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