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Start by sending us your Portrait Images

If you used a professional school photographer to take your school photos have them send files to us! This ensures the images get uploaded with names attached to them and enables you to use the Flow Feature.

   Please make sure they include your School Name and Job Number.


Tell us how you want them sorted for you either by Grade, Homeroom/room number, or Teacher.

Note: if you have a teacher with the name last name, please us a first initial. 


If you haven't received your portrait images yet, you will want to contact your photographer and request them. You can continue to get things ready without them, but cannot complete the Flow process.

Learn how to send us Portrait Photos and use the Portrait Flow tool:



-While You Wait For Your Image to be Uploaded-



Getting Ready For Your Photos

Using Image Library PlayIcon.gif

Using Your Image Library

Photo Requirements


 Before you set up, you can also transfer your files from last year to the current year.  


   Image Library (Create Tab > Image Library) is the main tool for managing all your images. Let's focus first on collecting and sorting your Activity images and Portrait images. These will make up the majority of your yearbook content. It helps to create image folders that organize the same way you work.


As seen here:



You may find that creating folders that are named the same as your Page Ladder content makes it easy for you and any helpers you have to quickly organize the images you receive. If you're in a small school, you may find that a folder for each child is the better way to go.

  • To make the folder the same as your Page Ladder you could name it the following:
    • 02/03 - Staff Images
    • 04/05 - First Day of School
    • 06/07 - Random School Images



You'll learn the best way to label and send the printed photographs you receive, upload and download your digital images, and also how to delete images you know you won't need.  

Helpful Tips:

  • You could make a "reserve" folder. 
    • This would be for images you might not use now but might need to fill space(s) letter.
    • There is no such thing as too many photos.
  • Start by making a folder for Activities that are held every year.
  • If you feel you have too many subfolders, you can make a subfolder within the subfolder.
    • Activity > Field Trip > Nature Lodge Reserve
    •                                 > Nature Walk
    •                                 > Science Camp



What are Activity Images?

   Images used throughout your yearbook depicting students and staff doing activities (Any image besides headshots)



What are Portrait Images?

   These are the headshots taken of each student and staff member, usually professionally done.



REMEMBER you can submit your photos to us to upload using schoolannual.wetransfer.com!



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