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STEP SEVEN: Creating Portrait Pages

Now its time to add your student and staff portraits to your yearbook! School Annual Online provides many choices in predesigned templates for your portraits. Portrait flow is great tool to easily add all your staff or student pictures for each grade at the same time! All you need is to transfer your portraits to us to upload. Make sure you send us a zip file and don't forget to include your index.txt file. Send your portrait files to us electronically using schoolannual.wetransfer.com. Otherwise you can manually tag your portraits using image tagging, this takes a lot more time especially for a large number of portraits. 

You can use the portrait flow tool under the Flow tab in Page Designer. Or you can navigate to Panel Pages in the Create tab to find a whole page dedicated to flowing your portraits.

To plan your layout, decide if you're going to have each grade flowed together alphabetically or if you're going to divide it out by teacher classroom. We have templates for each, but this makes a difference in your Image Library. You will want to arrange your folders in the Image Library accordingly, otherwise your flow will not be as desired.

If you've received a roster for your students, double check your Image Library to make sure they're in the correct classroom folders and that their names are spelled correctly. You can also print a preview of the folders and hand them out to your teachers for checking.

Finally before you flow, it's always best to save your blank template. No matter how much editing you've done, you'll probably need to restore a page and reflow. Having that blank template really helps.

Use these pages to learn how to Portrait Flow, create your own Index.txt file and other useful info!

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