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STEP SEVEN: Adding photos to your Yearbook

Once you have your page layouts created and photos uploaded, you can start adding them to your yearbook! Activity photos and Portrait photos are the two main types of photos. You can add activity photos to yearbook using the Images tab in Page Designer (Create > Page Designer) and you can use the Flow tab and Portrait Flow to add your portraits. You can also edit your photos to match page themes by adding filters, or use effects to improve or customize an image.



Portrait Photos

Your portraits can be added to your yearbook in seconds if they have been tagged. If you sent us your portraits to upload, either electronically or via CD, your portraits will get automatically tagged. If not, you will need to manually tag each of your portraits (See Image Tagging in step 5) before continuing to portrait flow.


Portrait Flow

Portrait flow allows you to add all your portraits for each section at once. This includes the names below the portraits as well! You can flow portraits by homeroom, teacher, grade or anything you'd like. Just organize your portrait folders in the Image Library (Create > Image Library) to suit how you want to flow. Teacher portraits flow first (if they are marked as 'Teacher' in the Image Details) automatically, followed by student portraits or you can separate your teacher portraits completely by moving them into a Staff or Faculty folder in your Image Library. Start portrait flow and customize any flow details from the Flow tab in Page Designer. Or create your page layout at the same time as you flow by using Panel Pages (Create > Panel Pages).

Learn more about portrait flow:


Activity Photos

You can add activity images to your yearbook from the Images tab in Page Designer. Drag and drop them into a photo box to fit a certain size, or drag them directly onto a page to see its max size! Select an image on a page to adjust its size, formatting, or customize the image.


Photo Editing

Once you have a photo placed on your yearbook, you can edit it by adding effects and formatting. Image formatting can be found in the Format tab of Page Designer. Open up the Effects page inside the Format tab to add image effects. This is where you can access our image editor, click on the cloud icon in the Effects section. You can add filters, cut out a background, or make edits to your images from here. Make sure to press the Save button when you're done making changes!

Photo editing resources:

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