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Proofing your Yearbook

Getting ready to submit your yearbook pages is not unlike submitting an essay. You want to make sure everything is perfect! Yearbooks have a lot of text and it can be easy to miss a small spelling or grammar mistake. School Annual Online provides an easy way to check for spelling mistakes, but grammar issues involve a bit more work.

  • Not all spelling issues are caught. The spell check may see "your" is spelled right then it should be "you're".  The spell check may also indicate names as spelled wrong as well.
  • The program does not check grammar, so make sure to use the correct:
    • their, there, and they're
    • your or you're
    • its or it's

We strongly suggest you have someone else look at your book before you submit/complete the pages.  The best thing you can do to avoid mistakes is to have fresh eyes on the pages.  


One very useful way to find grammar mistakes is by asking someone else to look over the yearbook. Can you enlist the help of one or several English or Reading teachers at your school? Will the office admins scan over student names for you? Does your Principal want to see the final content before the pages are submitted? It's important to catch errors now because once the book has been submitted it becomes more difficult to correct these errors.

Here are some School Annual Online tools that are highly recommended to proof your yearbook.

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