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STEP TEN: Submitting Your Pages

This is the last step in creating your yearbook but one of the most important. To receive your yearbook by your requested date you must have every one of the pages submitted by the deadline. If you don't make your deadline, no worries, the only consequence is you may not receive your books on your requested date. You won't be charged extra fees or anything along those lines. 

A page must first be in completed status before you can submit it. Remember to preview each page using the Page Preview before submitting! You may notice an image is blurry or unaligned. When a page has been submitted you will no longer be able to edit the page, you must contact your sales rep if you find an error or need to make a change after you have submitted.

There are several ways you can submit your yearbook, check out the links below to learn more about submitting your yearbook.

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