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Submitting Your Yearbook

This is the last step in creating your yearbook but one of the most important. To receive your yearbook by your requested date you must have every one of the pages submitted by the deadline. If you don't make your deadline, no worries, the only consequence is you may not receive your books on your requested date. You won't be charged extra fees or anything along those lines. 




Submission Requirements
Before submitting your pages, there are a few things that must be done. You will need to make sure your pages are in 'Completed' status. This can be done by pressing the 'Complete' button next to each page in your Page Ladder. You will also want to view a preview of each page before submitting. You may notice an image is blurry or unaligned. Click on the 'Page Preview' button in Page Designer, or click the printer icon next to each page in your Page Ladder to view the preview. When a page has been submitted you will no longer be able to edit the page, you must contact your sales rep if you find an error or need to make a change after you have submitted it.


Submitting Page by Page
To submit your yearbook pages one at a time, open the Page Ladder. You should see a 'Submit' button next to each of your pages as long as it is already in 'Completed' status. Simply click on 'Submit' next to a page to submit it. Make sure to solve any errors that appear, otherwise the page will not get submitted.


Submitting the Entire Yearbook at Once
If you have all of your yearbook pages completed and would like to submit your entire book at once, we offer the tools for you to do so. Open up Page Ladder, and make sure all of your pages have been set to 'Completed' Status. Fix any errors, or issues to ensure all your pages are put into 'Completed' Status. Then, select the 'Check All' button in the upper left of Page Ladder to select all of your yearbook pages. Next, use the 'Actions' drop-down menu near the 'Check All' button and press 'Submit'. This will submit all of your pages at once. Make sure to fix any submission errors that appear, otherwise your yearbook will not get fully submitted.

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