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Images cannot be uploaded directly from Google Drive to your Image Library, but following this simple process it can be easy to upload your photos!


  1. In your google drive find the folder containing the images you wish to upload, right-click on it and choose ‘download’.

    • You will now have a zip file containing all of the images in the Downloads folder of your local computer (or where ever you saved it to).


  2.  Before you can upload the images to your Image library, you’ll need to extract the zip file you just downloaded from google drive.

    • Double click on the zip file and then click ‘extract’ or ‘extract all’.

    • Save the extracted file.


  3.  Now you can upload the images to your Image Library.
    • From schoolannualonline.com open your image library (under the create tab).

    • Select the folder you wish to upload your images to or create a new one.

    • Click the ‘Upload Photos’ button and locate your extracted file on your local computer (should be in the Downloads folder).

    • Upload any images you want to! If you would like to upload multiple images at the same time you can Ctrl + Click on them or use Shift + Click to select them all.


    NOTE: If the photos you wish to upload are portraits. You will want to send them to us using our Electronic Transfer site. schoolannual.wetransfer.com Make sure to include the index.txt file in the upload along with your portraits.


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