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Book Fairy is a great program where we create your yearbook for you! Do you find yourself short on staff or time for your yearbook? Book Fairy is a great solution, to ensure your yearbook gets done on time and looks great!


To Sign Up, Contact your Account Representative!



The first things we need:

COVER – Select a cover from one of our many cover options, or submit your own custom cover. 

STYLE – Our Fairy Godmother/Godfather will work with a representative from your school to decide on how you want the book laid out and a theme to follow.

CONTENT – We would also like to have a general idea of the different activities that your school will be having throughout the school year. This will help with the planning of your book.

SNAPSHOTS – Your School Picture Day captures a very special memory.  We want to know when you have that scheduled (and retakes too!) so we can send you a reminder. We can help you get your pictures loaded to your yearbook site!

CANDID SHOTS - Don’t forget to be collecting photos for each activity and uploading them into labeled and organized folders. Our Fairy Godmother is magical but may not be able to tell what the pictures are.



Questions to Answer:

  1. Has your cover been selected? If yes, which one did you choose?
  2. Will your layout be the same as last year? Do you need to update the page ladder?
  3. Have you sent your portrait disc to be uploaded?
  4. Have you chosen a theme or color scheme?
  5. Do you have a list of the Staff/Faculty with their job title or grade that they teach?
  6. Have you sent a class roster?
  7. Will you be working on any of the pages or am I doing the entire book?



Portrait Proof Checklist:

  • Are teachers paired with the correct class?
  • Are teacher's name spelled correctly and includes the appropriate title? (Ms. , Miss, Mrs or Mr.)
  • Are students in the correct class?
  • Are student names spelled correctly?
  • Are staff pictures how you want them?
  • If there are duplicate pictures, which should we use?



Check out the attached Brochure for more information!

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