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Adding Notes to a Yearbook Page

You can create notes on each page of your yearbook. Notes do not show up when your yearbook is printed and are a great way to leave pieces of information on each page. Notes can be very useful for creating reminders for each page, or describing what will be put onto the page.

To add a note:

  • From Page Designer, click on the Post-It note button in the top menu (picture below).
  • Type the message you would like to appear on the note and click the 'Post' button.
  • NOTE: Notes will never appear on your printed yearbook!



Deleting Notes from a Page

When you find yourself not needing a note, you can easily remove it from the page.

  • Click on the note, so that an orange square appears around the red circle in the upper left corner of the note (image below).
  • When the Orange square is visible, press the delete key on your keyboard. The note should now be gone!




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