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Adding Notes to a Yearbook Page

You can create notes on each page of your yearbook. Notes do not show up when your yearbook is printed and are a great way to leave pieces of information on each page. Notes can be very useful for creating reminders for each page, or describing what will be put onto the page.

To add a note:

  • From Page Designer, click the Comment button next to the save button
  • Type the message you would like to appear on the note and click the 'Apply' button.
  • NOTE: Notes will never appear on your printed yearbook!



  • From Page Designer, expand the Preflight Menu in the lower right.
  • Type out your note in the 'Add New Comment' box. Then press enter



What do Comments / Notes look like?

If you have comments on your yearbook pages they will look like this.



How do I resolve or delete comments?

When a comment has been completed, click the check mark next to the words 'Resolve this issue' to mark the comment as resolved.



To delete the comment, use the three dots next to the comment and choose 'Delete'






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