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When do I start selling the yearbook?
Begin the yearbook sales during the “Back to School” PTO/PTA meeting. Several sales campaigns should be conducted throughout the year.

Using tiered pricing can entice parents to purchase the book earlier in the year. For example, the last spring campaign should have the price of the book raised to try and entice parents to order early.


How do I sell the yearbook to the school?
First, check with your Account Representative to find out what your budget would be if you could provide a yearbook for every student. With that budget outlined, discuss with your principal how you can afford a book for every student.

Next, try to include the yearbook as part of the initial year fees. Remember, the yearbook is the only documentation the school will have of the year’s events. As part of the sale, you could give parents an option to “donate a book” to a less fortunate student who may not be able to purchase the book.


Suggestions to communicate yearbook is on sale:

  • School Annual by Jostens can help you sell yearbooks via online sales. Your Account Representative can assist you by setting up your school's secure e-commerce website.

  • Send an email to anyone on the school or PTA/PTO email chain.

  • Send a flyer one week prior to the sale, letting parents know the order deadline and cost.

  • Offering a fall sale at a lower price and increasing the price closer to the delivery date can also get results.

  • Sticker each child with a note that the yearbooks are on sale.

  • Send a yearbook flyer home with each child.

  • Advertise your yearbooks in the newsletter or newspaper that goes home to parents.

  • Ask your Account Representative to print some preview pages for you. Display the preview pages at a sales table.

  • Have your sales table at evening or school functions where you expect parents to be present.

  • If you have a book fair, sell a “Yearbook Reserved” card – much like the pre-sales on famous fiction books.


How do I sell personalization or extras?

  • Extras, such as personalization or protective covers, can be easily sold if it is included in the order form.

  • Ask your Account Representative to pre-print the sales envelope to include these items.

  • At the end of the year be sure to pull your Sales Report, which will tell you what each student ordered.
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