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Hiding images on the Replayit Website and App

If you would like to make an image not viewable on ReplayIt but would still like to potentially use the image in your yearbook, follow this process:

  1. Login to your School Annual site and open the Image Library page.

  2. Find the image you would like to remove from ReplayIt and move it into a folder under the activity category. NOTE the image cannot be in the Inbox Replayit or Inbox Staff folder for this process to work.

  3. Select the image, and then press the 'UnReplayIt' button. This can be found in the menu of Image Library.


     4.  Repeat this process for every image you wish to remove from the ReplayIt gallery.



Completely deleting images from ReplayIt

To remove an image from the ReplayIt website, mobile app and from your School Annual Site use the following process:

  1. Locate the Image on the ReplayIt site or ReplayIt Mobile app.

  2. Click on the 'Flag' button and fillout the Takedown Request form. You can enter 'Please Delete the image' in the description. 


     3. Repeat for every photo you wish to permanently delete.



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