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Formatting Objects



Formatting and Effects can be found on the fourth tab down on the right side of the Page Designer page.


Let's take a look at the options available for formatting text, shapes, and images. Each of the elements shown below were created with Page Designer elements and the Formatting features from the Format button on the right side menu.  By changing the attributes of an object, such as color, size, alignment, stroke, and drop shadow, you can create many elements to suit your theme.  Formatting text, shapes, or images is similar - click to highlight the object, click the formatting effect to apply.


To create the same format features on repeating elements (such as headings and page numbers), create a Click-N-Go. (File > Save As Click-N-Go)


Formatting Definitions


Indicates effects which can be used on Text (T)/Image (I)/Shape (S).

  • Stroke places a thin border around the element. T/I/S
  • Drop Shadow creates a shadow of the object, giving the impression that the object is raised above the objects behind it.  T/I/S
  • Tint lightens the overall color or image. Move the slider right for lighter. This does not make the element transparent.  I/S
  • Alignment allows objects to line up on a given side (top, bottom, right, left). Must highlight multiple objects. T/I/S
  • Arrangement layers elements on the canvas. T/I/S
  • Flip mirrors the image side to side or upside down. Rotate spins an image or shape in 90 degree increments.  I/S
  • Corner Rounding rounds the corners of a square or rectangle. I/S
  • Change Shape alters the shape of an image or shape box existing on the page. I/S
  • Crop displays the image zoom/crop slider and also shows how much of the selected picture has been cropped. Image only.
  • Make Background creates a full bleed solid background color (shape) or panorama (image). I/S


Effects Definitions


  • Red Eye Reduction is a tool to select portions of an image for red eye reduction. The placed image is corrected, but not the original. Image only.
  • Colorize toggles a colored image between color and black / white. Image Only
  • Drop Shadow on the Effects panel alters settings from the Formatting panel.  T/I/S

Use the slider bars and click wheel for visual feedback when changing effects. The spin button arrows to make precise changes on the Angle of the shadow. Each NEW element placed on the page uses these settings when Drop Shadow is applied. The effect will not follow from page to page.

Use a Click-N-Go to create "saved settings".

Text Specific Attributes

 Enlarge your Page View using the zoom drop down menu so that you can read the text on your monitor. 

A new, unedited text box will contain "Fake Latin" text so you can find it on your page. Highlight and delete the default text and begin typing your own text at the blinking cursor.

A text box with no text will display as a GRAY X. Click on the box to select it, then click inside the box and type your text.

A text box that can not display all of the text will display a RED X. Click on the box to select it, then grab an orange ball handle to stretch the box to fit the text.

 To copy/paste an entire text element, use the Edit menu.

To copy or cut/paste a specific line of text from one text box to another, highlight the original text, and use CTRL C or CTRL X (command key on Mac) to copy or cut. Then select the destination text box and use CTRL V to paste.

Page Numbers are on all pages when your site is created, if you delete a page number, you can add it back. Click Page Number from the Place Text dropdown. Page Numbers automatically number when this feature is used and will renumber when pages are moved.


Text Specific Definitions

  • Stroke places a thin border around the perimeter of the text box, not the text itself.
  • Drop Shadow creates a shadow of the text.
  • Font Typeface provides the list of fonts selected during setup (Plan > Fonts).
  • Font Size changes the size of the text. When adjusting size, the text box may need to be stretched to fit.
  • Font Color changes the color of the text.
  • Add Fonts allows advisers to add additional fonts during the design phase.
  • Justification aligns the text within the text box by flush left, centered, flush right, and full justified.
  • Font Style (or weight) provides combinations of Bold / Italic / Underline text. Some fonts may not support certain styles.



VERTICAL TEXT - Place a text box, tap the ENTER key between each letter to create a new line. Stretch text box vertically to clear the red X (and prevent a submission error!).

ANGLED TEXT - Place a text box, use angle degree at bottom of Formatting panel to change the angle from 0 degrees. You can also use the orange rotation handle at the top of the text box.

WRAPPED TEXT AROUND SQUARE OR RECTANGLE - Place text boxes on each side, use angle degree at bottom of Formatting panel to change the angle from 0 degrees. You can also use the orange rotation handle at the top of the text box.  You can also use Text on a Path in the Advanced Text dropdown.

REVERSE TEXT (light text on dark backgrounds) - Many people will use light text on dark backgrounds. Consider using dark text with a lighter text box fill on your dark background for readability. This works well on backgrounds of varied colors such as swirls and tye-dyes.



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