jQuery UI Dialog - Animation

Are you ready to frame your images or shapes in something other than a plain border? How about captioning AROUND that object for a really cool look!


From your Page Designer, click the drop down on the Advanced Text icon.  This is the icon where you normally grab your text boxes.


Click either Arc or Circle to drop a special text box on the page. Once this box is on the page, you’ll be able to swap between the two, but NOT between Arc or Circle and a regular text box.

Here you’ll see the three different types of text boxes: Regular, Arc, and Circle.

Don’t forget, all text boxes can be resized - doing this will widen or narrow the arc or circles.

Okay, my text box is on the page – now what??

On a brand new text box (not one that’s been edited), click once to select the text box – see the orange ball handles? Now click again on any of the letters in the text box – this will highlight all the text. Press your BACKSPACE or DELETE key to remove the Fake Latin text.


Click one more time inside the text box and then begin typing. Don’t worry if your text looks “smushy”. When you click outside of the box, the arc or circle will resize to the amount of text you’ve typed.


You may need to practice a few times slowly to make sure you’re not "over-clicking" when selecting, highlighting, and finally typing in your arc or circle. 


If you need to make corrections once a text box has been edited, simply select the text box, highlight the text to edit and begin typing over the existing text.

  Editing the font size or face

You can change the size or the face of the font for an arc or circle just as with a regular text box. In fact, it may be easier to change that before you begin editing your own text.

To change the font face or size, make sure your text box is selected. Click the FORMAT button and choose your font and size. Adjust the size of the box using the orange ball handles if needed.






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