jQuery UI Dialog - Animation

To remove extra clutter from an image use Cut Out Background.

This allows you to remove parts or all of the background in an image so you can focus on one specific part. Because the background is now transparent, you can layer this image over other images.

Here's our original image:


After Cut Out Background:





In Page Designer, click the Format button and select the Effects tab. 

With an image selected, click on the Cut Out Background icon to launch the Toolkit. 




When the toolkit launches, the full color image appears. (HINT: This Toolkit is similar to those for Selective Color and Red Eye Reduction.)


Use the buttons at the bottom of the toolkit to adjust your toolset.




The Eraser tool removes the background to make it transparent.

The Paint Brush tool adds original image color back that has been accidentally removed.



Change the shape of your Paint Brush or Eraser to SQUARE or ROUND based upon your detail work.

Move the Radius slider left or right to make the Brush or Eraser larger or smaller.

Use Radius in conjunction with the Zoom slider for finer detail work  when your hand isn't incredibly steady or you have a less-than-cooperative mouse.  When Zoom is active, you can use the Hand tool to reposition your image in the editing window.



Undo and Redo arrows allow you to step forward and backward through your changes. Click Apply to save your changes.  (Do this FREQUENTLY to make sure your changes are updated! Just reopen the toolkit to resume working.)

Click Clear ONLY if you don't like anything you've done but want to keep working on this image...Clear will do exactly what it says and you'll start from scratch.  Click Cancel if you don't want to save your changes to this image.

This effect is applied only to the image selected and only on the page where the Toolkit is used. If the image is placed from the IMAGES button on another page, the effect will not follow the image.  However, you can copy and paste the modified image!



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