jQuery UI Dialog - Animation

This is a great tool for finding those "hidden" objects, which get tucked underneath during page creation.


The Preflight menu can be found on the lower right-hand side of Page Designer.

Click this button, and then open up to the Preflight Tab.




Run Spell Check / Proof PDF - Here you can check spelling and view the page(s)

Page number - This shows the current page you are reviewing

Number of Errors - This will show you the number of errors on a single page

Description of Error(s) - This will tell you what is wrong on the page.  If you click on it, it will highlight the error on the page.

Mark as Complete/Submit - Here you can mark your page Complete when all errors are fixed.  You can also Submit the page when Spell Check / Proof PDF is grayed out.  

Page Number - This is the page number of the next page

Number of Errors - This will show the number of errors on that page. 


Finding Hidden Errors - There might be times when you have an error on a page but are unable to locate it.  If you click on the Error message, it will highlight the error on the page.  You can click on the trash can or press the Delete key.  

  • In the photo above, you can see there is an Image Block that remains unedited.  The Image Block is behind the Portrait.  This is the more common error because Advisors/Staff thought an image fit an Image Block and the image did not go in.  

Yellow Blocks - While the Preflight Tab is open, you will see yellow blocks in the upper left-hand corner indicating there is an error there. 

Once you Resolve the issues - once you have fixed all the errors on the page, save your work.  This will clear any errors that were fixed.  







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