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Spell Check It's happened to all of us.  You proof everything; then someone else takes a look at your page - and immediately sees a spelling error.  Ughhh!

Your brain doesn't "see" every letter in a word, but sees the whole word on a page.  Have you ever heard someone say "it looks right", yet it can be something speeled incorrecty?


If you're in the proofing stages after months of creating pages, you need this button!


Spell Check is a button on your Page Designer menu.  You can spell check a single text box, or ALL text boxes at one time (Edit > Select > Text Boxes).

Spell Check is NOT a Grammar Check tool.  Spell Check won't identify incorrect sentence structure.

Spell Check will only identify words unfamiliar to the dictionary - so if your text box says "Our Principle" (which is NOT the correct use of the word "Principal"), Spell Check will not identify that.  You can add words to the dictionary if you know something is spelled correctly - especially if it's a word your school uses frequently.

**Best bet - if you have a lot of text to work with, copy it into your favorite Word Processor application and run spell and grammar check there.  Then come back and correct it in School Annual Online.  The extra effort in proofing will definitely be worth it - just don't add any "neat" formatting from your Word Processor in the process.


...so did you catch it?

"speeled incorrecty"

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