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The Image Library is your collection of photographs and other artwork to place on your pages.  This is your online organization area.  The better your organization, the easier it will be for your yearbook to come together!

The Category panel is made up of folders that allow you to organize your images. Click the buttons to Add, Edit, and Delete folders.  



You can also use your Image Library to:



Organizing your image library is a simple way to make your yearbook creation process even easier!

Let us take a look at the different folders in the image library and what each one is used for. 




Inbox ReplayitThis is where any images that are uploaded from your ReplayIt app or Image Share Site will be. Images in this folder will not be placeable on your yearbook, you must move the photos to the Activity folder, or an activity subfolder. 

Inbox Staff - This is the perfect place to upload multiple images that still need sorting. Images in this folder also will not be placeable in your yearbook.

Portrait - This is the folder where all your student and staff portraits will be placed. These are headshot photos and are usually professionally done. Subfolders for each grade or teacher will be very useful here. Remember, the easiest way to upload your portrait images is to send them to us using schoolannual.wetransfer.com. Just send us the index.txt file and we can sort your portraits with ease! Also, note that portrait flow will only be available to you if you submit us your portraits and index file. Manually tagging each and every portrait will also make portrait flow available but takes much more time.

Activity - The activity folder is the main place to store your images. It is very important to add subfolders to this category in order to have good organization. You can even add folders inside of subfolders to add more levels to your organization!

My [Previous Year's] Images - Any images that you had marked for transfer in your previous year's yearbook will be here. Note that any image tagging done in your previous year will not be transferred. 

Clipart - This is where all images we provide for you are located. This category is subdivided into many other distinct categories. It is worth the time to take a few minutes and look at all the images we have available for you to use. Backgrounds, image frames, and quick creator themes are all located here.


Image Details

Double click an image thumbnail to display a larger version of the image and view its details.


Details Tab

The Details tab shows information about the image, such as the maximum size on a page, the upload date, the category where the image currently resides, and on what page(s) the image has been used. You can also download the image from this page, view the user that uploaded it, and add a caption for the image.



People Tab

The People tab allows you to add names to your images. Click on a face in the image and size the box to match, or click on +Add to add a person. You can choose from your existing people or create a new one. This is considered image tagging. Adding people to an image update in the Coverage Report and the student's name associated with that Portrait.  If your photographer did not provide a PSPA disc, this is where you can add student names so you can use the Portrait Flow feature.


Other image details:

You can also view image details by clicking the blue Information icon on the bottom right corner of the image thumbnail. 


A red Exclamation Point tells you there is no Person or keyword information associated with this image.  You can add this on the People or Details tab.  Don't worry - it doesn't have anything to do with image resolution.

A green Check Mark shows you this image is used on a page.  To find out which page, click the Details tab to see the page number.


Troubleshooting your images

Check your 'Inbox Staff' or 'Inbox Image Share' folders.  Sometimes images are uploaded directly to those folders and must be moved into an Activity or Portrait folder. You cannot place images on a page from either Inbox.

Are you looking for images transferred from Last Year?  Any image from a previous year that is marked "Do Not Use" will not transfer.  There's a pretty good chance if it wasn't usable last year, you don't want it in your library this year.  Trust us...you'll have plenty by the time you're ready to submit your pages!



Check the resolution, the image box may be too large (the box remains red). Make the image box smaller and try again.

Make sure you are using an image box (blue) and not a shape box (gray).  The image box turns green if the resolution is high enough, or red if it is not.

You cannot drop Portraits on a page from the FLOW button.  If you want to use images found in your Portrait category, you must click the IMAGES button and then navigate to the Portraits category.







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