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   Delete Images can only be done by the Adviser.  You may find you have some images that just won't be used for anything - maybe they're too blurry or contain inappropriate content.  We know it's hard, but it's okay to delete them.

   As an Adviser, you can delete these images from the Image Library. Click on the image thumbnail, it will highlight in blue,  and click Delete over the thumbnails. (see image)


   A Staff member may not delete images, however, they can add a new category called "Delete" or "Remove" or "Review" so that they can help to keep the Image Library clean. The Adviser will be able to review all the images prior to deleting them.


   For any reason, you do not know if you want to delete an image, create a "Reserve" folder.  This folder can be used to review later or as filler images on a page if you need something towards the end. 


Unable to Delete Image(s)

   If you are unable to delete an image from your Image Library, it has most likely been used on a page.  on the Image Library, you can see if it have been used by the green circle with the white check mark under the image.  You will need to remove it from your yearbook first before it can be deleted.



   To view where it is on your yearbook, double-click on the image.  From there you will see two tabs 'People' and 'Details'.  Click on the 'Details' tab and from there you can then view which page it has been used on.  Once you have removed it on the page you can delete it.





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