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Last year's templates can be transferred to this year's site. If you use the same look and feel each year, this is for you!

You won't believe how easy this is...

In the current year's site, any page you use from year to year should be saved as a template.  It is highly advised, that before you finish out your book for the year, you check to see if you saved these pages as Templates.   Once that is done, that's it - you don't have to do anything more.  When the new year rolls around we can assist you in getting the Templates to the current book.  You'll find those templates in My [job year] Templates.  Your Job Year will vary, but it will always be the year prior.


Just Remember!  Only the templates in 'My Templates' transfer.  So that means if you used a template from a previous year on your page, but didn't "Save As Template" again, that template won't transfer.  Only the ones in My Templates will.

The fix is simple though...log into your previous year's site, go to that page you really like, and "Save As Template". 


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