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Frustrated because you can't get your file to upload to your Image Library??  Check to make sure it's a file type that can be uploaded directly - JPG, PNG, or TIF.

If it's not one of these three file types, you can usually convert the file to a JPG so you can upload it yourself.


When you use a desktop application to create collages, custom covers, or other artwork, these are saved as a "native" file - the extension that the application uses to read its own files.

For instance:

    • PUB = Microsoft Publisher
    • PSD = Adobe Photoshop
    • PDF = Adobe Portable Document Format (Acrobat or Reader)
    • INDD = Adobe InDesign
    • AI = Adobe Illustrator 

These file types cannot be directly uploaded to School Annual Online, so they need to be converted first.


Here's how:

1.  Open your file in the original program it was created in.  For instance, open your PUB file in Microsoft Publisher.  Remember, your image resolution must be at least 300ppi on your original file.

2.  On the File menu, click Save As.

3.  In the File Type drop-down, select JPG.




4.  If there are any setting selections, check 300ppi resolution or Maximum Resolution.


5.  Save the file to a location you'll remember.

6.  Upload to School Annual Online.

Files created this way can be several MBs and may take some time to upload depending upon your connection speed.


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