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No one likes to see error messages - but sometimes catching them quickly can save a whole lot of issues (and creativity)!

Here's a list of some of the more common messages that we see:


WHAT: IO_Error (Error 2032)

WHY: This error is most commonly seen when trying to save a page or when uploading images.  In generic computer terms, "IO" means input/output, but basically, your input (page or photo) isn't outputting (sending to our server).

Wireless connections, slow internet from your provider, or having other people on your network can lead to spotty connectivity.  If you know you'll be uploading a lot of pictures, or you're working with pages full of images, you may want to plug into your router directly.

They say the best defense is a good offense - and you've probably heard this before with computers: SAVE SAVE SAVE - If you've seen your HISTORY button, you know we keep everything. So the more you save, the more you have to go back to.

WHAT TO DO: While it's difficult to prevent, because you just don't know when a connection might drop, here are things to try after the fact so you can attempt to preserve any work.

Try to reconnect the session:

  • Open a second browser window and log in to School Annual Online. This will reconnect a session if your internet connection is active.
  • Return to the first window where the error was
  • Save the page
  • If there is no error displaying, then check your HISTORY button to make sure your page is current there.  

Save your page as a Template:

  • If you're not able to reconnect the session, then go to File > Save As Template
  • Once that page is saved as a template and you see it in My Templates, you can log out.  (This may be a great time to refresh your browser or reboot)
  • Log in to School Annual Online and go to the page you were working on
  • Pull the template onto the page
  • Save the page

Take a screen capture:

This one is not optimal, but it has saved many a designer a million times. Take a screen capture after you clear the error. While it won't save any of your work, it will give you a piece-by-piece picture to reconstruct the page.

For instance, love the stroke around the image, but can't remember if you last used blue or purple. Was it rotated or straight on? That will be captured on your image.

TIP: If you're working in a school, you may have to work with your tech person to resolve things and they'll probably start asking questions that will make your toes curl.  We'll always talk to your tech folks on your behalf!  It's usually a matter of whitelisting a few websites that allow you to connect.


WHAT: Error 2048 (may also say RSL 1 of 2 or 2 of 2)

WHY: This usually occurs in Page Designer. The Page Designer uses two files to load your pages and all the images/backgrounds.  This error means that one of those files didn't load completely.  DON'T WORRY - all your stuff still exists!!


  • Close all browser windows
  • Log into School Annual Online 
  • Load your Page Ladder first
  • Once you see page thumbnails there, then load your Page Designer

If you still receive the error, an update to your Flash Player (www.adobe.com/downloads) may be necessary.  Updating Flash Player will clear the "cookies" that Flash stores on the computer, allowing both files to download.  Adobe deploys a new Flash update frequently, so it's always good to be on the most current version.


WHAT: Page Ladder shows duplicate thumbnails

As you scroll through your Page Ladder, you might see something like page 6, page 7, page 7, page 8...what?...PAGE 7...TWICE?

There are two possible reasons.

WHY: An element created a Double Page Spread (DPS) and the DPS accidentally "broke" or moved. 



WHY: This occurs with the same RSL files as above so the resolution is the same. 

HOW TO FIX: An update to your Flash Player (www.adobe.com/downloads) will usually do the job.  Updating Flash Player will clear the "cookies" that Flash stores on the computer, allowing both files to download.  Adobe deploys a new Flash version update frequently, so it's always good to be on the most current version.

  TEXT ISSUES WHAT: Error 1085

WHY: This occurs when text is copied and pasted from outside of School Annual Online - most often if you've used the TAB key to space out the alignment in a text box.  (Don't do this...we'll tell you how in a minute**)

HOW TO FIX:  Delete the text box.  Then add a new text box and type (do not copy/paste) the text needed for that box.

** Pre-formatted text and Flash text boxes do not play well together!  If you have content that someone has given you in a Word document, it may already be formatted.  To remove this formatting, consider copying and pasting the text from the document into an application like Notepad, NoteTab, or some plain text document.  It will probably look like an old typewriter page.

Now you can paste this information into School Annual Online and use the FORMAT button to change the font face, point size, color, etc.

When you need to align text, it's always best to create multiple text boxes instead of using the SPACE BAR or TAB key to make alignment adjustments.


WHAT: Range Error 2006

WHY: This occurs when a text box has extra non-printing characters (no-see-ums).  Usually, the text has been copied/pasted from another formatted document.

HOW TO FIX: Highlight the text box, then click inside to edit the text.  Use the arrow keys to move the cursor to the very end of the text.  Press the delete key multiple times to remove any non-printing characters.

If the error still occurs, copy the text from the text box into an application like Notepad, NoteTab, or some plain text document.  Delete the existing text box and add a new text box.  Copy the text from the plain text document back into the new text box.   See the Pre-formatted text / Flash issue above.


WHAT: App 1009

WHY: This occurs when an object (shape, text, image) is partially off the page or has been saved in the gutter.  Most often this occurs when an object is rotated on the page.

HOW TO FIX: Pull the last History thumbnail back onto the page.  This may allow the object to be moved.

If the error still occurs, save the page as a template, then drag that template onto the page.  Click on the object that is rotated or is off the page, then drag it back into the middle of the page.  Save the page and continue editing as usual.

If the object is still not able to be removed, submit a support ticket.  We will escalate it to our web developers to remove the object.


WHAT: App 1125

WHY: This occurs most often during Portrait Flow when REFLOWING pages.  The current category you've selected has probably flowed on another page at some point. 

HOW TO FIX: Move to a different page and then return to the page you wish to flow.  When you select the category to flow, click the SMALL Reset button in the category panel.

Double check before reflowing that you are on the correct page and using the correct Category - these items will sometimes reset to the last known activity.  You may find yourself on a different page with the category you do want to flow, or on the correct page with a category that had been flowed previously on that page.


WHAT: App 1010

WHY: There has already been a different category flowed on the pages.

HOW TO FIX: Remove the other category that has flowed onto the page. Or lock all of the text and image boxes of the already flowed portraits. Or switch the page view to view only the page that does not have portraits flowing.


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