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TIP: For additional help on what looks great, Google "choosing fonts" and you'll find tons of articles on how to mix and match different typefaces and what is appropriate for print. Remember even though you're designing online, your product is a printed page.

You must be logged in as an Adviser in order to select or remove fonts for your site.


To select a font from the Plan tab:

  • Use the Plan drop-down and select the Fonts page
  • Use the 'Type' drop-down to view fonts for a specific category
  • Choose from the Available Fonts list
  • Use the Slider to change the font to 'Active'
  • You can 'Activate' fonts for the yearbook and/or the 'Ads'

Click on a font for it to display in the Preview on the page


To remove a selected font from the Plan tab:

  • Click Fonts from the Plan menu
  • Choose the font to remove from Your Font Collection
  • Use the Slider to change the font to 'Inactive'





Fonts are only removed from the list but still remain on any pages where you've already used them. In any text box where a font has been removed, you'll see the font name in Italic text.


Font FAQs

How many fonts can I add?

You can add as many fonts as we have in the Available lists. But...we don't recommend that. You'll want to pick about 5 to 10 and dedicate them to specific uses so there is consistency in your book.

If you think about a magazine, newspaper, or textbook, you'll notice that very large headlines are one style of bold font, smaller callout headlines are another bold font, and then the body or content that you read is a softer font.

This is all meant to grab your attention on the page! Sprinkle a few pictures in and you're there.

If you'll be working with other staff members, consider creating a "Style Sheet" that lists the fonts you've chosen and what they should be used for - or create a Click N Go with each type of text box that already lists your Font Face, Pt size, bold/italic, drop shadow, and even color.


How do I upload my own fonts?

You cannot upload your own fonts - but if you really have a hankering for a special one, create your headline or such in the program which uses the font, then save that clip as a high resolution (300 ppi) JPG or transparent TIF. You can upload that clip just like you would any other image.


How do I create an accent mark, umlaut, or tilda character?

You can use Alternate Characters with your standard keyboard providing you have a number keypad available. 

  • Copy the Special Character, Accent, or Symbol from this page!


How do I type something in Hebrew (or non-Latin characters)?

We have 4 additional Hebrew fonts that can be added to your account. Give our office a call to speak to any rep or open a support ticket and we can add those to your site.


I deleted that font. How come it's still on my page?

Fonts are only removed from your Collection for future use but still remain on any pages where you've already used them. In any text box where a font has been removed, you'll see the font name in Italic text.

To change it, highlight the text box object and pick another font from your Collection. The text will update. Save the change. You may need to adjust the pt size or the size of the text box when you change fonts.



Check out all of the fonts we offer as well as font formatting descriptions below:




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