jQuery UI Dialog - Animation

 Your Grouping button found on the Formatting panel in Page Designer works great for keeping things together on a single page, but if you know you'll be using this group of objects as a header or page banner on multiple pages, then Click-N-Go! is like a mini template.


To create a Click-N-Go!

Click-N-Go!s are created just like a template (File > Save As Click-N-Go!). This allows you create things like Headlines with specific font face, size, color, shadows, or image boxes with the same frames in one piece.

The benefit is that you can save your CNGs from year to year just like you do with templates.

  • Highlight a group of elements on your page.
  • Click File / Save As Click-N-Go!.


To place the Click-N-Go!

  • Select a Click-N-Go! from Designs / My Click-N-Go! and drag it to your spread.
  • When the Click-N-Go! is placed, all of the elements in it will be grouped together.
  • Leave them grouped to move them around on the page.


To edit the elements in the Click-N-Go!

  • Ungroup them by clicking on the Format tab’s ungroup button (PC | Shift Ctlr G or MAC | Shift Cmd G) or by pressing the Delete or Backspace key on your keyboard while the module is selected.
  • Edit the text and image sections of the Click-N-Go! just like other elements.


TIP: Use multiple Click-N-Go!s on a page. Unlike templates which replace the entire page content, the Click-N-Go!s will not overwrite page elements - it adds to them, so you can create several Click-N-Go!s and then layer them on a page.


To delete a Click-N-Go!

  • Open the My Click-N-Go! page from the Designs Tab in Page Designer.
  • Click on the 'i' icon in the bottom left corner of the Click-N-Go.
  • Choose the delete option.


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