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Send your professional Portraits to us!

Portrait CDs and Retakes CDs

If you have a PSPA photographer, your CD contains the high resolution professional images of the students, staff, and teachers used in the yearbook, plus additional special files to match the student names. Send us the YEARBOOK CD, not the administrative CD used for ID cards.  The CD usually has printing on it to tell you which one you have.

You can make a backup copy of the CD for yourself, or simply copy the entire CD to a folder on your computer, but send us the ORIGINAL CD.

If you have a talented parent who has offered to take portrait pictures for the yearbook, or your photographer is not a PSPA photographer, we can still help you create an index file for your portraits. Give our office a call to discuss your options.

After we receive and upload your portrait disc, you'll be able to autoflow your portraits using the Portrait Flow feature.


Our mailing address is:

School Annual by Jostens

Portrait Submission

451 International Blvd.

Clarksville, TN  37040


Be sure to have your Portrait CD package weighed at the post office to ensure it has enough postage. Due to its weight, it will need more than a typical piece of mail.


Send Portraits Electronically

If you have your own cloud storage like Dropbox, Box, GoogleDrive, etc, you can load your full Portrait CD to your cloud storage device and send us the link. We're happy to receive portraits that way, but we have a couple of guidelines so the process goes smoothly:

  • When you copy your images, the best way is to zip the entire CD into one full zip file - this preserves the folder structure that we need.  (and let's us download much more quickly)
  • Are your portraits going on the pages by Teacher or by a full Grade? We'll know how to sort them.
  • "Link" your folder, don't "share".  Share usually means edit rights, while linking means view or download.
  • Allow the link without a password or identity restriction. We send your image link through a network of people to get things done fast!
  • Include the index.txt file that your photographer has sent you. If you do not have one click this tutorial to learn how to make one.


Send your link including your job number or school information to support@schoolannual.com and we'll open a Media Ticket for you.

If you don't have a cloud storage, upload your zip file to School Annual's WeTransfer Site

Zip the entire CD and upload that file.  It preserves the file structure so we can use your images.



I have just a couple Portraits. Should I still send them?

If you have onesie-twosies filtering in and don't want to wait for us, you can upload your portraits directly from the Image Library page on School Annual Online. Just select the folder and click the 'Upload' button.

The only thing that is different about a PORTRAIT image is that it gets autoflowed using our Portrait Flow feature, so it needs to be tagged on the People tab of the Image in the Image Library.











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