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     We understand that protecting the identity of your students is imperative, but you still want to give them the opportunity to learn and explore. Only you / your parents / your school can determine that level of security, but we hope this idea provides you with a good starting place if your students do not have their own school email addresses or are not allowed to use them outside of school applications.

Since email is a required field to use personalized logins (you'll want to use these!!), and some students are not allowed to use their own email addresses because of school rules or because they are under age 13, here’s a tip:


Create a new email address for you, the adviser:

First, create a new email address through something like Gmail, Outlook, or Yahoo. This could be something like "BearsYearbookClass @ email.com" so there's no mistaking what it's for. Your school may even provide an email address just for this purpose.

Once you have this email up and running and tested to make sure it's sending and receiving, now it's time to create your class of students.

This will be an email address that you, the adviser, will manage. No one other than you will receive an email at that address. The purpose is to provide an email for the Staff Management page requirement so that if any of your students forget their password, YOU will know and can help them reset it.


Your class roster for the yearbook:

Get your class roster and take a look at the names of your students. In order to keep the true identity of your students private, you'll start by using only their First Name and Last Initial.

**Remember that ONLY THOSE WITH THE ADVISER ROLE can see the Staff Management page.

This means the names of your students are already protected, but we're making it even more secure by only using the Last Initial.

Let's start with a student named "James Smith". When you fill in his information, use James S



Creating your logins:

When you create the staff logins, the easiest one for the student to remember is using the student’s first name and last initial. Using James' example as above, his login would be James.

In the email address for each student, use the NEW EMAIL ADDRESS you've created.

You can use the same email address multiple times.

You cannot use the same username multiple times - so if you have students with the same first name, or last initial combination, just add a number to their username. For instance "jamess1"



The Personalized Login Advantage:

There are many advantages to setting up personalized logins for your Staff.

  • No more "full room" lockouts - one student mistyping a password will not lock out all other students.
  • Password resets can be done by you since you'll receive the email at your new email account.
  • See when your students have logged on to work on their pages.
  • Assign pages to your students on the Page Ladder using the drop-downs next to each thumbnail. When the student logs in, they will only be able to edit their own assigned page.
  • "Promote" any responsible student to an Editor role for a period of time so they have extra permissions to help with certain tasks. (You can also add parents/grandparents as helpers here too!)
  • Inactivate any staff - unfortunately, this does occur, but now you can suspend someone immediately by inactivating their account.




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