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The Coverage Report (Create > Coverage Report) provides a list of the number of times and pages where you have placed tagged images from your Image Library. The Coverage Report does require upkeep to tag your images that are placed on pages, however, it's a great selling tool when you can tell parents that their students are on more than just a portrait page.


The Coverage Report consists of the following:

  1. Student list
  2. Number of unique images included in the book
  3. Page information, merge, and delete tools for that student
  4. Data tools to add more names or export to Excel


How are names added to the Coverage Report?

Names are added when PSPA Portraits are uploaded by School Annual.  That special index.txt file seeds the Report with student names.  That's the easiest way to get names into the Report.

If you're not using a PSPA photographer, you can Create Your Own Index.txt File when you send your portraits to us.  That also adds names to the list.

For a short list of names, use the Add Name button for data entry.  This also populates the drop-down found in the Image Library / People tab.  If you know the names of students, but can't match faces, this is the place to add names.


TIP: You can use the Coverage Report for additional proofing by checking the spelling of student names. You may find that Jordan Lynn and Jordyn Lynn are the same people. Use the green Merge button to combine all images under the correct name. You can also find the images of students or staff who may no longer be with the school.

I tagged a bunch of images.  Why don't they don't show in the list?

Images need to be placed on a page in order to be counted.

The Number of Times In Book shows the number of unique images used on pages, so if the same Image is used on more than one page, it is only counted once.  However, it will be shown on all the Pages used.  You may see more Pages than Images or more Images than Pages because of this.



Click on any of the Page thumbnails to edit that page or click on an Image thumbnail to display the Image in the Library.  Work the Coverage Report back and forth between pages and the Image Library to balance out student coverage.

Export the Coverage Report as an XLS file (Excel) allows you to do any type of sort you wish.  Pass that information to your volunteer photographers so they can snap pictures of those students who are under-represented.


What if I have images on my page already?  Is it too late to tag them?

NOPE!  Tag Away!  You're probably collecting new activity images well before Portraits arrive.  And since sending the Portrait CD to us is the best way to have names loaded, then you might be hanging out saying "I'll tag these later".

You don't have to delay page creation though!  Start dragging and dropping. 

When you do have the time to tag in the Image Library, any images that are already on a page will update your Coverage Report.


My list is messed up. How do I clean it up?

It helps to know how a student list ends up messy.  If you have parents uploading through Image Share or ReplayIt, they may use a nickname for their student instead of the given name from the photographer.  Sometimes parents will add multiple student names to an upload.

You know your list isn't correct if you have 3 Ryan Smiths and there's only one boy named Ryan Smith in the school.  We have tools to fix that.

The green Merge button allows two names on the list to become one.  Select the name that is INCORRECT and merge it into the correct one.  (Use your blue Info button to determine which one!)

The red Delete button removes the student's name from the list.  If the student is no longer in the school or there are no images on pages, you can use the Delete tool.

The blue Info button shows which images have been used and on which pages. 







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