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Orange lines, blue lines, grids n more!

On the site, the grid (graph paper) is where all the critical elements need to stay - all text boxes and images that contain any important body parts like heads, arms, hands, etc, or special shape boxes like the points of a star or the top of a heart. Any of these which are outside of the grid lines could have parts trimmed.

  • Text boxes will always "snap" back inside the grid. You may see whitespace above your text but it's still IN the text box. No part of the text box can overhang that grid.
  • Images and shapes will allow placement outside the grid, so this is where it's important to see what is in the image or shape.

If it's important to you, it needs to be INSIDE the grid lines.

Anything OUTSIDE the grid is in the bleed area, which goes to the edge of the yearbook page so there are no white lines around the pages. It's what you would see in a magazine where the color goes the whole way to the edge. (This is one of the reasons to use Make Background in the FORMAT button to create full-bleed backgrounds.)

The gray area outside the orange line is the trim line and anything outside of this area has the potential to be trimmed in the binding process. This is what allows your pages to be the same size and yet gives us a margin of error when they run through the press.

Use your Preview PDF to print a page. This will show the crop/trim lines for that particular page.

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