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Pixels and Inches and Dimensions...

We get a lot of questions from those of you creating backgrounds in art class with Photoshop or trying to determine if the image of your school will fit on a full page.

Here's a handy chart that gives dimensions in pixels and the size in inches that the image (at 300ppi of course!) will print.


"Standard" yearbook pictures - slightly smaller-than-wallet size, are usually 640 x 480 or 2.13" x 1.6".

If you're working with a Graduating class, you may want to use a larger, true wallet-size image, which is 800 x 600.

Of course, we have templates for either of those in School Annual Online or you can edit a template to utilize that size.


Check your Image Library on the Details tab of any image - you'll see both pixels and the Max Size in inches listed for your own reference.

The max upload size of an image is 10000 x 10000 pixels.

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