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Start With Last Year’s Ladder (we call it "swiley")
Did you create an online book with School Annual Publishing last year? Well, you’re in luck – because you can now use that book as a starting place for this year!

You must be logged in as the ADVISER role to use this function.


When you navigate to your Page Ladder, you’ll see a Welcome Banner. We’ve saved your page descriptions and designs from last year**.

**If you had a different job number last year, please let us know so we can make sure your designs sync.

  • To load the descriptions, click Load Descriptions.
  • To load the page designs, click Load Page Designs.

Be Patient!! This may take some time depending upon your internet connection speed and the number of pages in your book.





Pages must be NOT STARTED (red border) in order to bring over designs. Designs will not load if pages have already been started.


Load Page Designs

When you click Load Page Designs, any content from last year’s pages will appear in the thumbnails in this year’s Ladder. Don’t like what you see? Click the button again (it says Clear Page Designs) to turn them off.

Load Descriptions

When you click Load Descriptions, any Section/Description content from last year’s Ladder will appear in this year’s Ladder. You can edit any of this information by clicking in the Section or Description field, removing the old content, and typing your new information. Click Save All in the upper left corner.

Are there too many descriptions to edit? Click the button again (Clear Descriptions) to turn them off – it’s like a light switch!





I have MORE pages this year…

That’s great! You can still use last year’s designs. We’ll fill up the pages until we run out of designs – and then the remainder of your pages will be blank until you fill them.


I have FEWER pages this year…

Well, we’re bummed because we know everyone loves lots of pages. But you can still use last year’s designs. We’ll fill up the pages until we run out, but that means you might miss something that you really liked. For instance, if your book had 80 pages last year, 72 this year, and your favorite page was 78, you won’t see that design brought over.


I like them, but I don't want ALL of those designs loaded on my pages…

Yes, you can have your cake and eat it too - no calories here!

You kinda like the layout of the book, but don't want all those designs on the pages, yet...you might want them a little later. Load the designs as described. Click Save All. Now immediately Clear All Designs. We know it sounds indecisive...but here's the trick:

Every one of those templates is now saved in your page HISTORY for that page. (Remember the HISTORY button is only viewable by the Adviser role.) So if you start creating and really want to go back to your original template, click the HISTORY button, scroll to the bottom, and pull that template over.


Those don’t look like my pages. They kinda look like TEMPLATES!

Well, yes…they are almost templates – or they will be when you save each page as a template. (File > Save As Template on your Page Designer.) Used in conjunction with Transfer Images (so you can fill in those logos or school building pictures), you’ll have completed pages in no time.


Here’s what happens to your Page Elements (images, shapes, and text):


  • All images which were candids or portraits last year will be removed and a blue Image box will remain.
  • Any image-specific effects like Tint or Red-Eye Reduction will be removed.
  • Any image box formatting will remain, such as Corner Rounding, Image Shape, or Stroke.
  • Any image box effects will remain, such as Drop Shadow.
  • Any School Annual Online backgrounds will remain, providing that background is still available for use.


  • All text will display as “Fake Latin”.
  • Text boxes will fill with as much text as will fit in the original size text box.
  • Text will use the same Font as the previous year, providing that font is still available for use. If the font is no longer available, the font face will default to Helvetica.
  • Any formatting, such as Font Size, Color, Fill, etc., will remain.
  • Page numbers/page number text formatting remains.


  • Any shape box formatting will remain, such as Corner Rounding, Change Shape, or Stroke.
  • Any shape box effects will remain, such as Drop Shadow.


The best part – everything can be edited!

Remember, even though you load descriptions or designs, you can change anything you don’t like! You can start with a blank page anywhere by selecting all page elements and pressing your DELETE key or just removing certain elements.

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