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The Page Designer is a powerful tool with many formatting options such as placing and cropping images, editing text and adding clip art and backgrounds.

Use the Create menu to access the Page Designer or access the Page Designer from a thumbnail on the Page Ladder.



Page Designer Toolbar








Save As Template creates a full page template based upon your current page. All images, text, and backgrounds are saved on the template. Dragging the saved template onto another page will overwrite any objects on that page.

Save As Click-N-Go saves single or multiple objects as a mini template. Dragging saved Click-N-Go's to another page will not overwrite any current objects on that page.

Page Info displays Page Ladder Section information and Description fields.

View PDF displays a low-resolution PDF of your current page or pages for viewing and/or printing.



Select All highlights all objects on a page. This is useful for clearing a page or for locking all items on a page.

Select Images / Text Boxes / Elements highlights all of that specific object. This is useful to apply formatting, such as adding a drop shadow to all images.

Select Incomplete highlights all incomplete elements. Highlighting incomplete objects will show you object issues that will not allow your page to submit.



Hide/Show Grid Lines toggles the background graph paper. These lines do not print.

Snap To Grid toggles whether an object "snaps to" the nearest gridline.

Hide/Show Guides toggles the green guidelines that can be pulled from the horizontal and vertical rulers. These lines do not print. Right click in the corner with the guides meets to clear all of them from the pages.

Hide/Show Rulers toggles the horizontal and vertical rulers.

Left/Facing/Right Page displays whichever page is check-marked.

Facing pages displays both left and right together.



Lock/Unlock toggles locking or unlocking images/text on the page

Group this allows images, text, or other objects to be grouped together.  this helps if you design small ads and need to move them around.

Ungroup this breaks up groups item on the pages.  some ad temps are grouped when you place it on the pages.  this is so you can edit the section.

Align Horizontally this allows you to align objects to the left side, right side, or the center (this center alignment is up and down. so the object will line up as tho they are stacked on top of each other).

Align Vertically this allows you to align objects to the top, bottom, or the middle (this middle alignment is left and right. so the object will line up as tho they are on the same line as each other).

Arrange This allows you to adjust whether an image sits on top or behind another object.  

               Bring to front/Send to back this lets you send an image/text all the way to the back or to the very front

               Bring forward/Send back this lets you send an image/text to the back/front one frame at a time.  

Transform this lets you flip and image/text horizontal or vertical.  this also lets you rotate an image/text to the left or right.

Mirror this lets you mirror a page.

                Horizontally this will take anything lighted on the one-page move and mirror it on the other page.  (Whatever image is on the left side of the page will be on the right side of the mirrored page.)

                Vertically this will take anything lighted on one page and everything on the bottom will be on top.  (Whatever image is on the bottom of the page will be on the top of the page. if you have a template with images on top and you want them on the bottom, you can use the mirror vertically)




After "Arrange" you have the following options on the toolbar


Undo this lets you undo an action

Redo this lets you redo an action

Spell check This lets you check the spelling on the page

Preview Page This will open your job as a PDF and will let you print or save it as a PDF

Virtual Book Will let you see your page/book virtually.  helping you save on printing pages

Comments This lets you add comments or notes to your staff or yourself.  

Save this lets you save your work.  it is strongly subjected you save as you work so you do not lose large amounts of work.

Last edit was made this lets you know when the last time the pages were saved.  if you click on it, it will open your history tab letting you see all the saved pages. 

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