jQuery UI Dialog - Animation

App Error 1125 occurs most often during Portrait Flow when REFLOWING pages.  The current category you've selected has probably been flowed on another page at some point and that's trying to prevent you from flowing the same category twice.

To fix App Error 1125:

  • Clear the error message
  • Move to a different page and then return to the page you wish to flow 
  • When you select the category to flow, click the small Reset button in the category panel. 


Double check before reflowing that you are on the correct page and using the correct Category - these items will sometimes reset to the last known activity.  You may find yourself on a different page with the category you do want to flow, or on the correct page with a category that had been flowed previously on that page, i.e. it will "jump" to either the right category / wrong page, or right page / wrong category.

Just figure out which one is correct, and move the other "wrong" part appropriately.

If you're still coming up with the error.  Let us know what page and what category and we'll go take a look!

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