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With the Yearbook Ads Program, parents and businesses can create the ad right in an ad creation tool.

We’ll take care of placing it on the page and handling the finances. Just tell us the types of ads you want to offer and let parents and businesses know they are on sale. Contact your account rep for promotional materials.

There are four standard ad sizes you can offer:

  • Full page
  • Quarter page
  • Half page
  • Eighth page

You can offer all four sizes, one size only, or any combination of the four. If you have offered Recognition and/or Business Ads in the past, you’ll have an idea of how much parents and business owners are willing to pay. If this is your first year, ask what other schools in your area charge.

Other important considerations include:
• Page cost
• Your fundraising goals

Get started with your rep on Page Planning:

• Determine how many pages will be allocated to your ad section.

• Determine what specific pages of your yearbook can be used for placing the ads


Use the Page Ladder on School Annual Online to assign pages to Jostens Yearbook Ads so we can build the pages for you as ads are sold. As ad pages are completed, we’ll assign them back to you for review prior to submission and printing.

Keep in mind:
• Ad pages should be placed in the back of the book. If you have an index, it can be placed in front of the index.
• Using the Staff Tab on the Page Ladder, assign the page to Jostens Yearbook Ads. Indicate under Topics if it is a recognition ad or business ad page.



Once the pages assigned to Jostens Yearbook Ads are complete, you can review and edit them
using all of the functionality of the School Annual Online Page Designer.

  • When an ad page has been completed by the plant, you will get an email notification. At that time, you may log in to School Annual Online and open the pages in Page Designer for review and editing.
  • When the page is ready for submission, go to the Page Ladder and pages that have been placed by the plant will be in Completed status. You may edit your ad pages in this Completed status.
  • When you are finished editing and ready to submit the pages for printing, submit your page using the Submit button on the Page Ladder. (Note: This button is only available with the adviser role. Students do not have the right to submit pages.) If the page is ready to go to the plant, click on Submit. Please proofread carefully. Once pages are submitted, no further changes can be made.

Be sure to watch the deadline date to make sure pages are submitted to satisfy your deadline
requirements and keep production of the book on schedule.



You can view all the ads you've sold directly from the School Annual Online website. Click on Sell>Sales Reports>Ad Sales Report. You can download the report from this page as well!


If parents have questions about purchasing an ad or using the website, please refer them to the Jostens Yearbook Ads Consumer Support Center at (800) 358-0800.

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