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1) Select all the text you wish to copy into your yearbook. You can copy it from a Word document or many other places.


2) You can copy the text by right-clicking and pressing 'Copy' or you can press Ctrl + C.


3) Place a textbox on your yearbook page. Then click on it one time to select all the filler text. Press Backspace to clear the filler text.


4) Paste your text into the empty textbox. You can right-click and press Paste or you can press Ctrl + V.



Occasionally copying text directly into your yearbook does not work.

  • This is caused by the formatting of the text.
    You must remove any formatting or special characters.

1) Start by copying your text.


2) Now paste it into a blank NotePad document.  (you can search for 'notepad' in your computers search bar)


3) This will remove the formatting. Copy the text out of the notepad document.


4) Your text should now be able to be placed in a textbox!

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