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Printing all of your yearbook pages

You can print all of your yearbook pages at once with a click of a button!

    1)  Open Page Ladder under the Plan tab.

    2)  Press the 'Print' button, then Print All.  You can also now print sections.

Annotation 2023-07-19 113223.png


    3)   A new tab will open up and a PDF will be generated for each page. Wait for the generation to complete.  The progress can be seen in the upper right-hand corner.  


Annotation 2023-07-19 113307.png


    4)   When the generation is completed the Finished button will appear in the upper right-hand corner. Click on the Icon button below PDF Generation Complete to view your yearbook pages.


Annotation 2023-07-19 113357-01.png


     5)   You can now view and download your yearbook PDF!





Printing individual yearbook pages

1)  Open the Page Ladder which is under the Plan tab.

2)  Click on the printer icon on the top of the page you wish to print.


Annotation 2023-07-19 111703.png


    3)  View and download the yearbook page!



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