jQuery UI Dialog - Animation

Sometimes you will be unable to separate two pages because they have turned into a DPS or a double-page spread. This happens whenever our software believes that a design spans two pages and can be triggered whenever an object is in the margins between two pages.


Here is how you can remove the DPS page status from your pages:

  • Open to the set of pages that has the DPS status.


  • Look at the margins between the two pages. Are any photos or shapes beyond the margins between the pages? Or across both pages?


  • Adjust the photos/objects to fit inside the page margins. You may need to shrink the object or use the arrow keys to shift it to the right or left to fit inside the page.


  • Once you've moved any elements that were in the margin between pages, go to Page Mover under the Create tab. You should now be able to split the pages and move them individually.



Is there nothing between your pages but the page is still marked as DPS? Here are some troubleshooting tips.

  • Press Ctrl + A to select everything on your page. This will reveal to you if anything is spanning between the pages or is past the page margin.


  • Save the page as a template, delete the page contents, and place the template on the page. This will fix any glitches in our software that inadvertently mark a page as a DPS. Make sure to save a template of the right and left pages individually.


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